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Rosina T. Schmidt

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Bjelovar Diocese (County)

Fallen Donauschwaben Citizen of WWII

and during the Danube Swabian Holocaust thereafter

Note:  Below is the list of Yugoslavian citizen of Danube Swabian heritage of those places who perished during and after WWII. In the case of the civilians it is a clear case of genocide by Tito's administration.

Most of the 'German soldiers' being citizen of other Nations were forced to 'volunteer' to the German army taking their ethnic German heritage as the excuse. Hitler needed soldiers and where to take them but in the ethnic German areas outside of Germany proper, including all of the Danube Swabian settlements  of what later became Federal Yugoslavia.

This is an undertaking for accounting all our Danube Swabian losses. This list for the county of Bjelovar is not complete and your contribution to it will be much appreciated. - Rosina T. Schmidt, November 2008


   City_Hall_of_BEREK         with Garesnicko Novo Selo

    City_Hall_of_DARUVAR     with Donji Daruvar, Gronji Daruvar, Daruvar,

                                           Ljudevito Selo, Doljani

    City_Hall_of_DJULEVAC    with Borova Kosa, Djulovac, Koreničani, Kravljak,

                                           Mala Babina Gora, Mali Bastaji,

                                           Velika Babina Gora, Veliki Bastaji,

                                           Veliki Miletinac

    City_Hall_of_KAPELA,        IVANSKA, STEFANJE

    City_Hall_of_ROVISCE     with Kakinac

    City_Hall_of_VELIKA_PISANICA, with Čađavac

    City_Hall_of_DEZANOVAC, with Blagorodovac, Dežanovac, Gornji Sređani,

                                           Ivanovo Polje, Sokolovac, Trojeglava

    City_Hall_of_BJELOVAR,     with  Brezovac,  Galovac, Novi Pavljani, Patkovac

    City_Hall_of_GARESNICA    with Dišnik, Garešnica, Gornji Uljanik, Hrastovac,

                                             Mala Bršljanica, Uljanik, Velika Bršljanica

    City_Hall_of_GRUBISNO_POLJE with Grubišno Polje, Mala Barna, Velika Peratovica

    City_Hall_of_HERCEGOVAC  with Ladislav

    City_Hall_of_KONCANICA     with Imsovac

    City_Hall_of_SIRAC               with Miljanovac,

    City_Hall_of_VELIKI_GRDJEVAC with Cremusina, Drazica, Gornja Kovacica,

                                                 Mali Grdjevac, Veliki Grdjevac,