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Rosina T. Schmidt

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Hrastovacers Family Registry

PETER, Johann Josst, *ca. 1690 in Hofgarten, Hesse

Research by Rosina T. Schmidt

1) Johann Josst Peter, *ca. 1690 in Hofgarten, Hesse
            Sp. NN
            2) Johann Heinrich Peter, *ca. 1715 in Hofgarten, Hesse,
                        sp. Anna Elisabeth Weber, *ca. 1715 in Elehausen or Erbehausen, Hesse; oo 1738 Jun 10 in Varsád, Tolna;
                        3) Johann Heinrich Peter, *1738 Sep 2 in Kalaznó, Tolna;
                                    sp.: Anna Elisabeth Engel, *ca. 1740; oo 1760 Nov 25 in Varsád, Tolna;
                                    4) Anna Elisabeth Peter, *1786 Apr 23 in Kalaznó, Tolna;
                                                sp.: Georg Christoph Abel, *1781 Jan 18 in Kalaznó, Tolna; oo 1803 Mar 8 in Kalaznó, Tolna;
                                                5) Johann Nikolaus Abel, *1816 May 7 in Kalaznó, Tolna;
                                                            sp. Elisabeth Lindheimer, *1810 Jun 22 in Kalaznó, Tolna; oo 1836 Feb 16 in Kalaznó, Tolna;
                                                            6) HeinrichAbel, *1848 Apr 5 in Kalaznó, Tolna; + 1947 Jun 13 in Kalaznó, Tolna.
                                                                        Sp. ElisabethGöbel, *1857 May 23 in Kalaznó, Tolna;

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