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Family Registry

 Wickert Families in

Kalazno Evangelical Church Books, Tolna Komitat, Hungary



 Research by Henry A. Fischer

Contributed by Roberto Wickert

22.01.1793     Kaspar Wickert, widower 26 years old and Anna Margaret Dechert, widow, 30 years old.

23.01.1798    Johann Georg Ziegenheim 25 years and Barbara Wickert 19 years.

04.07.1799      Nikolaus Wickert widower 46 years and  Anna Elisabeth Bartolomau 40 years from Varsad

18.01.1799      Johannes Schlitt 24 years and Susanne Wickert 20 years.

17.02.1801        Johann Michael Krauss 31 years and Anna Katharina Wickert 57 years old.

09.01.1802      Johannes Ziegenheim 27 years and Christina Wickert 17 years old.

14.02.1809      Peter Krauss 24 years and Katharina Wickert 17 years.

06.02.1810      Johannes Groh 21 years and Katharina Elisabeth Wickert 21 years.

07.02.1817          Heinrich Wickert, Kaspar Wickert and Anna Margaret's son married Magdalena Becker daughter of Johannes Becker.

18.02.1817            Nikolaus Wickert, Kaspar Wickert and Anna Margaret's son married Katharina Tiessberger daughter of Michael Tiessberger and Katharina.

26.01.1819            Georg Wickert from Varsad married Elisabeth Groh daughter of Heinrich Groh and Katharina.

07.02.1826            Johann Wickert, Kaspar Wickert und Anna Margaret Dechert's son married Elisabeth Becker daughter of Peter Becker and Katharina Lang.

14.01.1840            Peter Jusstus Sohn von Kaspar Jusstus und Anna Maria Koch heiratet Margaret Wickert Tochter von Nikolaus Wickert und Katharina Tiessberger

14.01.1840            Jakob Wickert,  Nikolaus Wickert und Katharina Tiessberger's son married Kristina Jusstus daughter of Kaspar Jusstus and Anna Maria Koch.

11.01.1848        Kaspar Wickert,  Nikolaus Wickert und Katharina Tiessberger's son  married Elisabeth Hackmeyer daughter of Johann Hackmeyer and Anna Maria Kehl.

01.02.1848        Konrad Dechert, Heinrich Dechert und Dorothea Dechert's son married Katharina Wickert daughter of Nikolaus Wickert and Katarina Tiessberger.

11.07.1848            Kaspar Jusstus,  Kaspar Jusstus und Anna Maria Koch's son married Margaret Wickert widow of Peter Jusstus.

09.05.1865            Johann Wickert 28 years, son of Nikolaus Wickert und Katharina Tiessberger married Dorothea Wickert daughter of Johann Wickert und Elisabeth Becker.