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Rosina T. Schmidt

All material 2002-present,
Rosina T. Schmidt,
  unless otherwise noted.




Our warmest thanks to the following “Hrastovacer”
For their generous donation to erect a plaque on the Hrastovac cemetery and preserving the very last of the original monuments still standing.

Harald FELDER, 
For his time consuming travels from Germany to Hrastovac

Ronald and Helen BERG-IVERSON
Rev. Henry FISCHER
For their monetary contribution. 
1st of January 2005 


Work in Progress as of 1st of January 2005 

Photo Contributed by Harald Felder

The Hrastovac Monument Plaque

 Photo by Anna Trautmann-Bialleck, 2007

The Memorial in June of 2008

 Photo by Anna Trautmann-Bialleck, 2008

"This is more than the final insult.  It is a total disregard for the lives and labours of the men and women who sought to build a future for themselves and their children.  Leaving one homeland behind and being driven from another.  How long, O Lord how long?" - Henry A. Fischer

Hrastovac Cemetery as seen from the road. The monument's location to the First Settlers who established the village in 1865 is seen in the left corner. - Photo Anna Bialleck, 16th of August 2008.

Having seen the above photos, Anna Bialleck in Germany and Rosina T. Schmidt in Canada went on a 'war path' with the local city administration, with government departments and even wrote articles to the Croatian newspapers. The result was a collective undertaking by most of the villagers under guidance of Mr. Mirko Mesic of Hrastovac and the finished Memorial was officially blessed by the Lutheran pastor and the Roman Catholic Priest on 16th of August 2008. - Photo Anna Bialleck

Photo Anna Bialleck

Kutina Pastor Seija Uimonen with Hrastovac citizen who helped with the Memorial: Miroslav Mesic, Marijan Poturic, Pero Popovic, Nikola Durasin, Alois Pizent, Vlado Husanac, Marijan Levanic, Zdenko Hasanac, Vlado Kruljac, Goran Hasanac, Stjepan Horvat, all of Hrastovac, Ms. Jasminka Stricevic and Mr. Feri Stricevic of Lipik, Mr. Anton Hramija (the major of Lipik), Mr. and Mrs. Josip Koruc of Blagorodovac. - Photo Anna Bialleck, 16th of August 2008

Lutheran Pastor Seija Uimonen off Kutina blessing the Memorial - Photo Anna Bialleck

During the Sermon - Photo Anna Bialleck

Anna Bialleck (white slacks) talking to some of the present Hrastovac citizen  about the history of Hrastovac and its founding fathers as well as thanking them for their help for the work on the Memorial. - Photo Anna Bialleck

A group photo - photo Anna Bialleck

At the Memorial - photo Anna Bialleck

Blessing of the new cemetery cross.

Photo Anna Bialleck

All the present at the ceremony were invited by the villagers for some excellent refreshment to a hall opposite Mr. Culjat's motel. Here at left is the Lutheran Pastor Seija Uimoenen and the Roman Catholic Priest Stjepan Stefanek, whose Mother-Church is in Dezanovac with Uljanik as the  branch parish . As in the time past the RC Hrastovac parishioners attend the church in Uljanik. - Photo Anna Bialleck

Our Thanks

Our thanks go to those caring present-day citizen of Hrastovac mentioned above who undertook  at their own initiative and expense to restore the memorial to its present glory. Our thanks goes also to the Pastor in Kutina Ms. Seija Uimonen, Mr. Mirko Mesic of Hrastovac, Dr. Geiger in Zagreb, and specifically to Anna Bialleck of Germany. - August 2008.