Hrastovac - Eichendorf

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Rosina T. Schmidt

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Hungarian Lutheran digitalized Church Books:
keresztelés=Baptism, házasság=marriage, halotti=deths, konfirmáció=confirmation, vegyes=various


Swabian_Turkey_Research by Wally Schlegel

Ellis-Island-Records by Susan Koller




Deportation_from_Swabian_Turkey by Heinrich Keri

Photos of old Danube Swabian gravestones and war memorials - by Uwe Weing: -please copy and paste into your browser-

Kaposszekcsö ab
Törökkoppany ab
Somogydöröcske ab
Somogyszil ab
Gadacs ab
Belecska ab
Keszöhidegkut ab
Gyönk ab
Sersekszölös ab
Ecseny ab
Szabadi ab
Janosmajor ab
Varsad ab
Udvari ab
Kalazno ab
Murga ab
Kety ab
Nagyszekely ab

On some of the toomb stones wheeping willows or roses are carved in. As per Henry Fischer it is a reference to the Tree of Life in the Book of Revelations. It was usually a sign that they were pietists. The flower on some of the stones is the Luther Rose.