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Historical Accounts

Tito’s Court Documents
from the book

1944 – 1946

April 15, -May 12, 1945
Osijek – Vinkovci

The Administrative Department of the Regional PLC for Slavonia, Osijek, sends to the Administrative Department of the County PLC, Osijek the instruction “about the takeover in the newly liberate towns” particularly with regard to competences and the way of proceeding of DPP , and the Administrative Department of the County PLC forwards the instructions t the District PLC Vinkovci.


Conf. no.:4/45- April 15, 1945

Re: The tasks of Administrative Department in
The newly liberated towns

Administrative Department

O s i j e k

Great tasks in taking over of power in the newly liberated towns are posed before our Administrative Departments, and we therefore issue the following instructions:

1/ As soon as a town is taken, DPP will take over all loudspeaker stations and it will issue the necessary announcements through them. If it doesn’t exist or if it had been destroyed, a town-crier will be used for that purpose, so long as the necessary announcements are not printed in the printing house. For that purpose the Commission of DPP will mobilize one printing house with the necessary number or workers.

2/ If there is a radio-station in the town, it will be taken over by Committee of DPP for Slavonia.

3/ The Commission will issue an announcement in which it will prohibit every movement of citizens in the streets of the town. This prohibition must not be of too long a duration, particularly in big towns, i.e. 24 hours at the most. During the prohibition of the movement DPP will urgently carry out arrests of persons according to a list made in advance. This task will be finished within 8 days.

At the same time, if the Town PLC was formed in a town, the Administrative Department of the Town PLC will set its seal to apartments of enemies of the people and to their shops, as well as to ISC, former Serb and Jewish property. In places where Town PLCs are not found, DPP will do this job. Shops must be not entered and no good whatsoever must be taken out of them. It will be possible to open shops and to take certain articles from them only with the permission of the County of Regional PLC, in agreement with the DPP Committee.

DPP will issue an announcement that during the prohibition of movement, all shops and other business, pubs, cinemas, theaters, various clubs, reading rooms, libraries etc. are to be closed. Also, all tram and other traffic will cease. The tram traffic will be allowed only under the conditions that it serves their (DPP) needs and the needs of the Army.

4/ After the DPP organs had finished the arrests directed under 3/ and sealing of shops mentioned under 3/ in agreement with PLC, the Commission of DPP is to issue the second announcement, the movement of citizens and opening of pubs, restaurants (with the prohibition of selling alcohol), public kitchens, dairies, bakeries, butcheries, green-groceries and barber shops is allowed from 6 AM to 6 PM.

By the same announcement DPP will call upon all members of the German minority to register. In connection with that, DP will mobilize clerks (scribes) necessary for registering Germans and it will set up books for the registration. After the registration is finished, camps should be foreseen, alimentation, guard etc. organized, and only after that will the arrest of Germans on order of DPP for Slavonia follow.

5/ When registering and arresting of Germans is finished, DPP will issue he third announcement.

By that announcement the citizenry will be warned of the most severe punishments for plundering or violation of private property. All caught in act are to be immediately sent to the court and it will be demanded that sentences are made known to the people for punishment to serve as warnings.

6/ If the Place Command isn’t appointed after the entry into a town or during the first two days, the DPP Committee, in agreement with the staff of the operative unit which is in the town, will issue an announcement calling on all soldiers, NCOs and officers of the enemy army who are hidden in the town, to report with complete equipment to a prescribed place within a given period of time.

All enemy officers and soldiers will be disarmed first and sent to the III Department of DPP. At the same time the DPP Committee together with the Administrative Department will call upon the citizenry through an announcement, to give up military and civilian arms and all other military equipment. For civilian arms, receipts will be issued to the people who had the over; and all the remaining weapons will be registered in a book.

7/ Immediately after entrance in a town the County PLC, and the Town PLC if it was formed, will immediately mobilize a printing house with the necessary number of people to print necessary ID cards, passes, dispatch letter, registration forms and other necessary announcements and prints.

It is necessary to have the following items immediately printed in that printing-house:

a/ necessary announcements

b/ questionnaires for all strangers who moved to town after September 1, 1941

c/ Resident permits for all strangers who are permitted to stay in town.

d/ The sufficient number of dispatches with which all strangers who cane to tow after September 1, 1941 and who aren’t allowed to stay in tow, will be sent away.

e/ The sufficient number of temporary ID cards for the entire remaining population over 14 years of age.

f/ The necessary number of forms according to the enclosed forms for all above-mentioned resident permits, dispatches, ID cards etc.


8/ On the third day IV Department of DPP Committee will issue an announcement calling on all inhabitants who settled down in – moved to the town after September 1, 1941, to register at a place designated for that purpose (for which it would be best to use school rooms). Every stranger who registers will be issued a questionnaire he will be obliged to fill in and to hand it over the next day at the very place where he had received it. At this registration, there will be one or several comrades of DPP who will control the questionnaires and the people who come to register.

The Administrative Department will get fro the DPP Committee the list of strangers who are to be expelled from the town. They are immediately to be given the dispatch document for their native commune; and to the rest who remain, the Administrative Department of the Town PLC will issue temporary residence permits. These dispatch documents and permits will be recorded on registration forms, which are to be created. (DPP organs will carry out arrests of all suspect strangers.)

9/ After we have finished this job, we will issue an announcement that all inhabitants over 14 years of age, should register. In order to avoid crowds at registration, it should be stated in the announcement on what day, in what place and which neighborhood, streets or names should report. As registration places, it would be best to use schools, and the need of a clerical staff should be foreseen.

Everyone coming to register must bring along his latest documents, i.e. ID card, certificate of domicile, birth certificate and the latest photo.

It is necessary that two citizens be present at registration, who can verify by their signatures in the registration book that it is indeed the citizen who registers, i.e. his identity.

Everyone who register will be issued a temporary ID card for free movement in the town, which will be registered in the book of temporary issued ID cards, and ID card’s owner, signs in the book that he had received it. Old ID cards are to be taken away (from the people).

10/ One should remain in close contact with DPP organs in all cases, and one should be in agreement o all matters, and take care that no misunderstanding should arise.

All comrades entering a town in the first days must have passes issued by Administrative Departments of county PLCs. County PLCs will allow into tons: members of the Executive PLC, heads of sections and the most necessary clerks, auxiliary staff and the Militia.

For further work use the instructions you had previously received, and you will also get the new ones from this Administrative Department.

Abide by the given instructions in all matters and do your best that we come to a liberated town actually as liberators.

Death to Fascism – Freedom to the People!

Chief:                                                  (M.P.)                                      Chairman:
Antun Tencer sgd.                                                                             Tadijanovic sgd.




Department for Protection of the People

Under “Germans” is to be understood Yugoslavian citizens of ethnic German roots.