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Hrastovac Photo Collection

Hrastovac  Funerals 



Eva Wink-Paul ca. 1942. This memorial card was made as customary at the time of her death in 1943.

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Eva Wink-Paul 1863-1943 surrounded by family and friends. Directly next to Eva's head, the young boy in the first row is Martin Mueller (youngest of Eva Mueller's children). Over his left shoulder is Eva Mueller. Over her right shoulder and partially hidden is  Andreas Mueller, who fell in Yugoslavia in 1944. The son he never met, Andreas Mueller, is strikingly similar in appearance to his father. The wife of Andreas Mueller, Lena (nee Schwab), is standing directly to his right and is living in Germany with her son Andreas. 

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Katharina März

© Anna Bialleck

Funeral of
Rozalia Kosmacin-Schmidt
Zagreb-Mirogoj, Croatia, 1949.

Rozalia's grieving family members from L - R : Josip Weiss, son-in-law; Georg Schmidt jun., son; Georg Schmidt sen., husband; Dragica Weiss-Pantic, granddaughter; Marica Schmidt-Weiss, daughter; Slavica Kosmacin-Covic, niece; tall man behind Slavica, her husband Ivan Covic; Ruzica Schmidt-Popovic, (lover step) daughter; little boy: Rudi Schmidt, grandson; behind him his mother Ljubica Weiss-Schmidt; the girl besides the boy: Rosina T. Schmidt, granddaughter; the young woman behind Rosina is Miroslava Weiss, granddaughter; the older woman to Rosina's left shoulder: Ruth's geat-grandmother, a friend. All others are family friends.

Rosina T. Schmidt archives, 2016