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Hrastovac Photo Collection

1944 - 1949 Internment Camps


Anna Maria Erdmann-Heil (1923 Gyönk, Hungary-1983 Troy, Ohio)
Heinrich Erdmann (1900 Gyönk, Hungary - 1984 Pfuhl, Germany), father of Anna Maria;
Margaret Erdmann-Muth (1922 Gyönk, Hungary - ca. 1990), cousin of Anna Maria; at Donbas (Stalino) Coal mining camp. ca. 1947. Mr. Erdmann received his Gulag's permission to visit his daughter and niece in a different mine camp from time to time.
Photo Elizabeth Heil-Shell Archives.

A group of Donbas Gulag miners. Anna Maria Erdmann-Heil is in the back row holding the lantern. Ca. 1947.
Photo Elizabeth Heil-Shell Archives.

Donbas Gulag miners, ca. 1947. Anna Maria Erdmann-Heil sits in the middle of the front row. Photo Elizabeth Heil-Shell Archives.