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Rosina T. Schmidt

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Hrastovac Photo Collection

2007 - Hrastovac Visit

Looking from Lichplatc to Uljanik. Turning here left, brings you to Fischteich -   Anna Bialleck Archives, 2007

The motel to the left was converted from the Hrastovac Lutheran Church. The road besides it leads to Garešnica - Anna Bialleck Archives, 2007

Andreas Kah, son of Werner Kah, grandson of Anna Maria Jung, nee Ochs.

 Andreas Kah Archives, 2007


Friedrich Ehrlichs's Family Homestead. Built in 1896 - Anna Bialleck Archives, 2007

Close-up of the home above -  Anna Bialleck Archives, 2007

The well and corn crib -  Anna Bialleck Archives, 2007