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Hrastovac Photo Collection

Visiting Valpovo's Danube Swabian Memorial in 2013

Friedrich Wilhelm Gottschalk's Family in 1943 at the Christening celebration of his youngest daughter.

That was the last time his family did see him and it took until 2013 with the help of someone from the "Lexicon der Wehrmacht" and this website for his descendants to find where he was buried, as the information of the place where he was fallen was misspelled.
In his last message home Wilhelm (Willi) wrote: "...there are not many left in my old company; I have a new unit and new number..." Wilhelm (Willi) perished during the battle around Valpovo on 23/24th of March 1945.

Photo: Renate Palkovits Archives


Valpovo, Croatia, old part of cemetery. The grassy areas are the mass graves of the Concentration Camp's victims.

Photo: Renate Palkovits Archives, 2013

St. Rok Chapel in Valpovo, Croatia, is dedicated to the memory of Danube Swabians,
who died in Valpovo's Concentration Camp during and after WWII

Photo: Photo: Renate Palkovits Archives, 2013

Renate Palkovits visiting the Danube Swabian
Memorial Stone next to the St. Rok Chapel that was erected by the Danube Swabian community to the memory of Valpovo's Concentration Camp victims.

Photo: Renate Palkovits Archives, 2013

Renate Gottschalk-Palkovits with son, sister and brother-in-law
besides the Memorial in the Valpovo's cemetery erected to the victims of the concentration camp.


Photo: Renate Palkovits Archives, 2013

Feb. 2014