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Hrastovac School Class 1-3 of 2012
Back Row left to right: Teacher, Anna Bialleck, Kathe Davidson
Photo Taken in June of 2012 - Anna Bialleck Archives

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Family Lickel immigrated to Entre Rios, Brazil in 1952. Here they are, living now in Sao Paulo, Brazil, celebrating an anniversery in 2012.

From left to right: Helen (purple sweater), Daniela, wife of Ricardo, Ricardo, son of Johann, Johann (red T-shirt), Rajane, Johann's wife, Margrete, Maria, wife of Siegfried, Siegfried.

Photo - Johann Lickel Archives

Hrastovacers Treffen 2012 in Hainburg, Hesse, Germany

Philipp Jung (at far right) reading from a thank-you letter.

Photo - Anna Bialleck Archives

Hainburg, Hesse, 23rd of September 2012

The Treffen has been coordinated by Anna Bialleck

Photo - Anna Bialleck Archives


2012 Sep 23 Hainburg Treffen

Some old, some new faces at this Treffen.

Photo - Anna Bialleck Archives

Katharina Fleisch-Godoy celebrating her 93rd birthday with her daugther Wilma Godoy-Wady, her granddaugters Renata (holding baby Eduarda), Sylvia and Fernanda, (Pedro's mother) and Pedro giving a pigy-back ride to his cousin Eduarda. 19th of November 2012 in Brazil.
Photo Wilma Godoy-Wady Archives.


Johann Fleisch, *1931 in Kapetanovo Polje, Slavonia; + 2013 in Columbia, Soth Carolina

photo: @ Fleisch Family Archives